Hi friend,

Welcome to my personal website and thank you for visiting.

I’ve worked in Boston, primarily Newton, MA, since 2000 as a strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer helping my clients with their weekly self-care and exercise to address weight loss, body transformations and high performance sports training.

My clientele ranges from children to 80-year-old seniors, boys and girls, men and women, with the bulk of them in the 30-60 year old, age range who are busy working people, executives, self-employed, retired, former athletes, never been athletes, parents, and moms. Lots of moms!

They all have the common desire to prioritize their workouts and get help with them, so they can present their best selves to their life, whether it be health related (weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, bone density, and muscle atrophy concerns), aesthetic (muscle-building, fat loss, toning, firming, shaping, body part training, body building, spot reducing, look hot and be hot) and/or performance (event training, sports performance, athlete training or dominating life).

Each person is different in the way they want to work with me even if their goals are similar.

  • Some want 1-on-1 training, personal training or private training where they come to me or I go to them once to 3 times per week.
  • Some want consulting, or program design, in which I create a program and schedule for them that may include strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition & meal planning, recovery & regeneration (rolling, stretching, corrective exercises, therapeutic modalities, …) or the whole shebang.  This is often monthly or quarterly depending on the program and person.
  • Some want group personal training because they want to share the cost of training and receive the benefits of being a part of a team.  We train multiple times weekly and they get new programs every 4 weeks and the choice to be measured and have their nutrition plan refined / reviewed every 4 weeks as well.

They all want accountability, structure, a results-oriented program that’s safe for them, someone who cares and to have exercise and training be fun.

And how about you?  What brings you here today?  How can I help you?

You can either fill out my contact form below and/or schedule a call with me to talk about your goals and see if working together makes sense.

Thank you again for visiting today.

Your possible new coach,

Mike Alves