Another benefit of weight loss

Imagine you have to take medicine everyday for the rest of your life. Whoa, just thinking about that is scary. You have to remember to take it in the morning or after meals, or before bed. Pre-order new subscriptions before they run out. Have an extra monthly payment, just to live a “normal” life, not an above average or AWESOME life, just a normal, safe and healthy life.

THEN, you get sick of it all, decide to take action and make a CHANGE. You DECIDE to seek help, to break habits, create new one’s, end the “I’ll start tomorrow’s” and start today.

You WANT to get back to having the FUN you know and loved, the energy that comes naturally and not from a can or from Starbucks and get back to your high school or college or pre-pregnancy or pre-marriage or previous kick butt & take names body weight & body shape.

Well…, I just received an e-mail , from a client who lost 30 pounds and changed her entire lifestyle over the last 2 years. She had a check up with her doctor and is going under tests to determine if she can come off her medication or reduce them. It looks like the dosage is now hurting her more than helping her because of the weight loss and may not (stress the may), be helping anymore.

So (with fingers crossed), she’ll be reducing her meds and best case, off of them altogether. All because she decided enough was enough, accepted a challenge and took action. SWEETNESS!


Mike Alves

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