Club training vs In Home Training

Greetings earthlings,

Wet day, long time no write and a new story for you.

This past week I began training some club clients in their homes. Having never trained them in their homes before, understandably, they were apprehensive.

Alas, 45 minutes later, tired, glistening and short of breath, their opinions had changed.

You see, in a club you have lots of tools, a destination, space and people.

In a home, you have convenience, the needed tools, sufficient space and privacy.

In a club, you have distractions, a gym membership fee, travel, staff turnover, parking issues, etc…

In a home, you have no distractions (except maybe pets licking you when you’re on the floor), no travel, no gym fee and front row parking.

In a club, it takes time moving from A to B.

In a home, it takes no time to move from A to A.

To get in a great workout at home, you don’t need much, but you do need some things. This week my clients have used Val slides, super bands, dumbbells, jungle straps and a foam roller. Those are collectively inexpensive and less than 2 months gym membership.

Other items we’ve used have been a bed, a carpet, a sofa, a foam roller, a tool box, a mat, a door, and a wall.

So if you ever thought you couldn’t get a workout in at home, maybe you should give it another shot.

Thank you to all that have welcomed me into your homes this week.

Cheers and great nutrition tips to come.


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