The kid in you.

Quick story.

Today in my boot camp, two clients raced each other to the water fountain. One, a women in her 30’s and the other, a man in his 20’s. “So what?”, you might say. Well, #1, they were were having fun. #2 it was 6:30 in the morning, when most people are still sleeping with crust in their eyes and drool on their pillow, #3 they were exercising, #4 they had just finished a grueling 8 set exercise of legs, no less, in which they had to set personal records on each set and #5, they did this willingly without having to be asked.

Let me tell you. It was pretty inspiring to the rest of the class and to me as well.

Here’s how it happened and it might even remind you of your youth.

The gent put his weights down and immediately turned to head for the fountain, thinking he was thirsty and that he needed a drink. Coincidentally the women next to him, had also just put her weights down and must have been thinking the same thing, but didn’t see him, and quickly turned toward the fountain. He did see her, and sensed her quick turn, so he took a subconscious, quick step forward. She, having not seen him, sensed his quick step and took a quick step herself. Then, they both realized each person was thirsty and heading to the fountain, and as if someone shouted, “GO”, they broke out into a full sprint to the fountain. I believe they were tied in their hot pursuit of water, when the gent pulled up to let the lady go first and they both broke into giggles.

Funnier thing was after the next circuit, they intentionally raced to the fountain.

Who said exercise wasn’t fun?

Shame on them.

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Cheers from your personal coach,

Mike Alves

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