Trading Places

Today I was training one of my private clients and during my initial subjective questioning, “how do you feel today?”,

the client replied, “tired!”.

I asked, “which tired?” “Tired like you’re still sleeping, tired like you haven’t recovered from a tough workout/day/week or tired like you’re chronically fatigued?”

The client replied, “general tiredness”.

“O.K.”, I replied.

The client then asked me, “how do you feel today?”

To which I replied, “fired up”.

The client smiled and asked, “why?”

I said, “I guess it’s because, I feel good. I had a great workout yesterday, had a good good breakfast (added some chick peas for extra calories as I was feeling a bit low in my workout recovery) and…”

The client responded, “I’d like to be you for 1 day”

I responded, “I’d like to be you for 1 day”.

We both got quiet, seemingly because we were both thinking about what that would be like.

Imagine having an occupation where you provide a service to difference makers, the people who excel at 1 thing or many things greatly, who get the job done as either producers or leaders and are responsible, dependable hustlers who just lack a bit of knowledge, motivation and desire in the health department.

This is what I get to do for a living. I get to help people change their lives and their bodies by giving them the love for an active lifestyle. And in return, I make a fair living, but get to learn from them. It’s like a paid private internship.

So, trading places with my client. I imagine the client would like to experience my energy and my outlook and who knows what else. I would like to experience choices they make and don’t make, what it feels like to make those choices both short and long term and how they feel (energy-wise) day to day, so that I can better understand them and help them.

Remember the Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroid movie, Trading places. Dan Akroid was a wealthy somebody and Eddie Murphy was a poor nobody. Bam! They traded places and Eddie Murphy now had options, respect and could go anywhere anytime. Dan Akroid on the other hand, lost the respect of his peers, couldn’t get into buildings and his options were limited. Both their lives changed.

Well.., as I said, I’m happy, but not satisfied, and it would be cool to trade places for a day.

Imagine that. Don’t you just love a good daydream?

Cheers, living the active life,

Mike Alves

p.s. if you’d like to experience my energy and hire your own, private, high value health & fitness intern (wink), click here. 🙂

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