Newton Tab and Great Client Feedback

Great News and wanted to share it with you all.

The Newton Tab, a local publication in the town I do most of my training out of, responded to a story pitch/news release I sent them and said they would attend the Freaky Fat Loss PUMP-kin Workout and write a story about it.

So excited, I can’t write fast enough.

AND if that wasn’t great news, well I’ve got something that can top it.

One of my clients reported that 8lbs has miraculously disappeared in the past 2 weeks since we’ve regrouped and refocused and this is only the beginning. 4th Quarter Programs are beginning this week and my clients are going to be the talk of every holiday party they attend in the coming months. AND they’re either going to stick to their nutrition plan at these parties or they’re going to save up and use those nights as splurge meals. Right? 🙂

(calm down Mike, go lift something heavy)

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