PUMP-kin Workout Wrap Up

I love peaking for big things, whether it be a race, a game, a wedding, a date, a test or an event. Its an unbelievable feeling to be at your best when it matters most. Some day I’ll write an article about it, but today I’ll explain what I mean.

This past Thursday, Halloween Eve, I hosted a Freaky Fat Loss PUMP-kin Workout and it was a major success. 20 of 24 people who committed to attending, received and learned one of the best workouts of their life. There were door prizes for the first 15 people to arrive, a Malibu Ken host, spooky music, over 200lbs of pumpkins, lots of red faces and $225 raised for the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club.

I had been planning this event, non-stop for the last 3 weeks, calling, e-mailing and visiting with people, writing the program, taking video, researching on PubMed, and practicing my presentation out loud. When the time came and the lights were on, Mike Alves stepped aside and Malibu Ken and his crazy costume stepped up. It was non-stop adrenaline and showmanship after that (downward dog anyone?). I really went on autopilot, but from the feedback I received, everyone said I was a natural and that it looked like I had done it before. (o.k. I had, just not in a long time)

At one point, when I was nervous, I said, “Does anyone else get nervous? Because when I get nervous, my hair turns blonde, my muscles swell up and my clothes shrink.” (wink).

The attendees, who varied from a high school kid to moms, to in shape to out of shape, to young and to old, to men and to women, all survived, I mean participated and learned about fat loss first hand. They even sent me thank you e-mails stating “I really enjoyed it”, “excellent night” and “amazing” and they all said they were sore and their legs were killing them. My apologies for the soreness. We’ll use lighter pumpkins next year.

Anyways, enjoy the photos and I hope to see you at the Gobble, Gobble Turkey Toss, Give to Hungry, Learn Fat Loss Charity event on Thursday, November 20 at 7pm to benefit the Bristol Loge Food Shelter of Waltham.


Mike Alves


p.s. I created a card on how to peak on the most special day of the year, your birthday and if you would like to receive, just leave a comment below with your name and mailing address and I’ll send it to you on your big day. 🙂

p.p.s. grab a copy of Wednesdays Newton Tab as I believe Chrissy Long’s review of the Freaky Fat Loss PUMP-kin Workout will be in there.

p.p.p.s. Thursday, November 20, 7pm, Gobble, Gobble Turkey Toss, Give to Hungry, Learn Fat Loss. Be there!

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