Attempt #2 to post the 81 push ups.

Push Ups as a Measure of Fitness

Mary-Alice Tully, one of my superstar clients, who can do push ups (see her video below), forwarded me this article from the NY Times. The article discusses the simple push up as an enduring test of fitness that has stood the test of time. It interviews Jack LaLane, who still does push ups at 93 years of age, and shows some pretty cool video of New Yorkers doing push ups in Times Square.

It was such a cool and inspiring test that I decided to test myself and see how many push ups I could do in 60 seconds.

I completed 81 for those of you who missed it and I had more in the tank.

If you check out and type in 30 year old male who completed 81 push ups, you’ll see how I rank.


Mike Alves

p.s. if you want to test how many push ups you can do and see how you rank, just stop me at the club and let me know.

p.p.s. as promised here is the video of Mary-Alice doing push ups. Pretty good for a 55 year old woman. OK, she’s not your average women, she’s a triathlete who races in 1/2 Ironman events & marathon road races.