I subscribe to many different, in the biz newsletters, and one of them shared this site,

This site if offensive and not politically correct, but it does some things better than most.

The owners are serious about getting their clients results.

They pre-qualify prospective members to make sure they really want it and to create an environment of people who train hard to get the results.

They dangle carrots as motivation, they tell the truth (sometimes painfully to hear).

They make it fun (pending your sense of humor).

They make it social.

They have a plan.

They have support.

They have experience.

They make programming individualized.

They’re different.

And they sound realistic, though I’d need to know more of how they achieve some things while allowing other things.

Love it or hate it, they’re marketing is fantastic and the buzz its created has been tremendous.

I’m not for or against this site and am laying no judgements. Its only a greatly different approach to training clients.

Visit to see what I’m writing about.


Mike Alves

Live for today…!

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