Move More + Different Directions = Feel Better

Here is a great summary (reprinted with permission) of a recent conference I attended with my colleague Keith.

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Providence 3 Day Perform Better Summit Notes

May 17, 2009 by Keith Colby

Last weekend was the annual 3 day perform better summit in Providence, RI. I have been going to this great event since the start back in 2005? In my opinion it’s the best educational event in the industry. You will never see so many top names in the industry at one event. People like Dr. Stuart McGill (the worlds top authority on lower back pain), Michael Boyle, Alywn Cosgrove, Todd Wright, Gray Cook, Chuck Wolf, Fraser Quelch (inventor of the TRX suspension system , Mark Verstegen (owner of athletes performance), Eric Cressey and so many more…

…Here is a list of my top take home points from the weekend in no particular order:

1. I really enjoy learning and trying to improve our program to be able to continue to help more people like you in the most efficient, safest, best way possible.

2. Providence is a fun city with great food ( Check out local 121 and Bacaror)

3. It’s a lot of fun being around like minded people that have a passion for helping others.

4. Movement should be unconscious.

5. Why do a lot of people stop moving when they exercise? They spend all day sitting and then go sit on a bike or exercise machine?

6. All of the body is connected and works as 1 integrated coordinated unit – The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone connects to the shin bone, the shin bone connects to the knee bone, the knee bone connects to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connects to the hip bone, the hip bone connects to the back bone and on and on and on…

7. When the foot hits the ground everything changes? Everything may look great on a table, but what happens to your body when the foot hits the ground?

8. Stretch the fascial connections of the body vs individual muscle groups(opposite hip and lat, opposite hip and shoulder, lateral line, front line and back line). For a great resource buy and read Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers.

9. Most traditional treatment modalities work in the short term because they implement rest for the tissues.

10. Most traditional treatment modalities don’t work in the long term because they don’t uncover underlying inefficiencies/casues. The site of the pain is rarely the source of the problem.

10. If you correct the inefficiencies or casues you’ll also correct the pathology.

11. 30 years ago we had to learn 1 new skill per year, now it’s 1 new skill per day, tomorrow it may be 1 new skill per hour.

12. 94% of executives have less energy at home than they have at work.

13. work + rest = success.

14. In training, too much time is spent on training to increase muscle mass (which slows motion/movement) rather than training effective mass.

15. Some exercise have become universal but not becasue they are great exercises (bench press)

16. The scapula is a mini core to the humerus.

17. Posture effects movement, movement effects posture.

18. Inefficient posture can result in inefficient movement, which produces an energy leak.

19. Our hands and feet give our brains/bodies the most feedback.

20. If the foot was not important it would just be 1 big as_ bone.

21. The pecs have a huge fascial connection with the abdominals.

22. A lot of food companies are like cigarette companies, they sell you stuff that is not good for you.

23. You can do anything you want to if you learn the right strategies and take action on those strategies.

24. If your serious about your health get and read the book Ultra Prevention It’s a book written by two doctors at canyon ranch talking about the failings of our traditional medical system.

25. The only thing that’s worse than not going to a seminar in the last 6 months is thinking that (that) doesn’t matter.

Keith Colby

If any of the above is confusing let me dumb it down. Move more, in different directions, feel better. Move more, eat better & eat less =’s live longer, feel better, look better.

Yours living the active life,