Imagine what you could do if you had 2 legs!

Life can be cruel sometimes. You could be born with a disadvantage, make a mistake and be at a disadvantage or just be unlucky. Either way, what you do when you realize your at a disadvantage is what makes a difference. Anthony Robles was born with 1-leg, a certain disadvantage to those of us lucky enough to have 2 legs. His parents didn’t let him make excuses and Anthony didn’t make excuses. He just did what normal kids do. He played sports.


In high school he played defensive end for his football team and was a champion in wrestling. When he had to cut weight for football or wrestling he ran…with crutches. He doesn’t like to be called handicapped or disabled, he just wants to be treated normal, so he goes out there and does his best.

Anthony just capped his senior year of college at Arizona State by defeating the defending National Champion from Iowa, Matt McDonough and finishing his year with a record of 36-0.

The guy has only 1-leg and he beat 36 other guys who had 2-legs. Whatever your excuse, whatever your “lemon”, use Anthony’s inspiration to find a way to turn your disadvantage into your strength. Maybe you’ll even end up a champion.

Yours changing lives and with no excuses for excuses,

Mike Alves

Newton Boot Camp
Newton Personal Trainer
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p.s.  Anthony plans to retire from wrestling on top and not pursue the Olympics.  He is going to get a prosthetic leg and aspires to become a motivational speaker.

p.p.s.  If you’re ready stop imaging and start realizing what you could do with your 2 legs, and getting in shape will help you get there faster, take the first step now and decide to do it.  Then get a coach, get a plan, get a team and get your dream. 

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