2012 Change Your Body Boot Camps Calendar

Below is your 2012 Change Your Body Boot Camp Calendar. We begin, Sunday, Jan 1 with measurements & testing, bright & early at 8am. Yup, we’re getting a jump start on the resolution season and what better way to sandbag your “before” measurements & photos than by recording the day after New Year’s Eve.


1st Day of Training is Monday, January 2 with a normal schedule: 6am, 9am and 6:30pm.




Yours changing lives,


Mike Alves

Who do you recommend?

Happy hump day to you!

Often times I get asked who I recommend for this and that and since I’ve been in the Newton / Boston area for almost 12 years I’ve begun to learn who’s great and who’s not for different things.  The most common question I get is, “who do you recommend for a sore forearm” or “can you recommend a massage therapist”, to which my answer is Chris Larson of Joint Ventures Kenmore Square, Boston, MA.  
The reason I like Chris is because he is great with a Chinese technique called, Gua Sha, in which he uses a tool, to break up soft tissue restrictions in tough spots like Tennis Elbow.  He’s also strong enough to provide deep tissue massage, which many times you need if you’ve been training hard or have stubborn knots in your shoulders, back or quads.  I also like the fact that he personal trains people, has a great library of books and videos at his office, he’s fit, he goes to similar conferences that I do and that he trains in an awesome environment, which is Joint Ventures. 

Joint Ventures is a great physical therapy place because they see their patients 1-on-1 vs seeing multiple patients at once.  I went there when I did some knee rehab and loved the high energy location, the free parking (they have 3 spots), the owners (Dan & Dave) are very cool which helps create a cool & fun working / rehab environment and on their 2nd floor training area, they have 2 top notch strength & conditioning coaches (Keith & Ally) who write great programs and use cutting edge equipment.  Not only do I get my issue addressed when I visit Chris, but I have a fun and energizing experience when I go.

Power Block U90
Power Block U90
Power Block U33
Power Block U33
TRX Pro Suspension Trainer

Another question I get asked a lot is where do you get your equipment.  For this I have 2 answers.  Locally I go to Gym Source-Newton on Needham Street because they have great prices, great equipment and they have Norm.  Norm is perennially #1 General Manager for all Gym Sources everywhere and has helped make his Gym Source the #1 Gym Source store everywhere.  Because he & the store are #1, they get to test things other stores don’t and they get equipment and have special leverage or “pull” that other GM’s and stores don’t have.   This is where I bought both of my Power Block sets and one of my TRX’s.

Equipment Bundle
Change Your Body Boot Camps Equipment Bundle
Perform Better, 3-Day Functional Training Summit

Perform Better is another place I recommend for equipment.  If you can love stores or businesses other than CYBBC, this is one place I heart.  They have the best equipment and for most everything, the best prices especially for rollers, superbands and mats.  Perform Better is located in Providence so regular shipping almost always arrives next day to the Newton area and has transitioned from just a track & field company to a functional training equipment company and now to an education company, which hosts arguably the best functional training conferences in the world.  You won’t find a better price on rollers or superbands than you will at Perform Better.

Now that I shared 4 of my favorite and most common recommendations I was wondering if you could share yours.  Please click here to share your recommendations for different businesses and categories if your in the Newton/Boston area.

Thank you for reading today.

Your coach,

Mike Alves

p.s.  I believe Chris and Gym Source both offer a discount to my customers, so let them know Mike Alves from Change Your Body Boot Camps referred you and Perform Better created the special bundle package in the picture above so if you don’t already have your gear or need to upgrade get the bundle.

p.p.s.  click here to share your recommendations if your in the Newton/Boston area.

p.p.p.s.  feel free to comment if you have something to share.

Bra Flab vs. Man Boobs

They might not be life threatening epidemics, but they certainly can be a self esteem threatening epidemic.

What is bra flab?

Bra Flab

Bra flab is the “soft” tissue found above and below the bra material just below the posterior axillary fold (arm pit).  It’s the cousin of arm flab,

Arm Flab

which is when your triceps or back of the arm gets soft and hangs loose like in the picture. 

Most people know about the arm flab, but many haven’t seen the bra flab and bra flab occurs when the muscles on the axillary border of the posterior upper back become atrophied from lack of use and often in conjunction with overeating. 

What do you do?

Pulling more and eat less for starters.  What do I mean by pull more?  Do horizontal and vertical pulling exercises against resistance either from an external load and/or your own body weight.

Sample Exercises:

1.       Vertical Pulls
a)      TRX Chin Up Progression

b)      Band Resisted Reverse Grip Pull Downs

2.       Horizontal Pulls
a)       TRX Inverted Rows Regressions
b)       Seated Band Rows

Adding the above exercises to your strength training routine will help to tone and shape the muscles that make up bra flab.  They’re not the only exercises that can improve the area, but their the biggest bang for your effort exercises.

Fellas.  Man boobs are no bueno and you certainly want to fight getting soft and droopy up top. 

What are man boobs?

Man boobs are when you’re chest muscles or pectoralis muscles become severely atrophied and begin to sag. 
What do you do?
Pushing more and eating less is usually a good start.  What do I mean by push?  Do horizontal and vertical pushing exercises to strengthen and shape both your anterior thoracic wall (chest) and your upper trap muscles to give you the dominant beach muscles that you once had or always wanted. 
Sample Exercises:
1.       Horizontal Pushing
a)       Push Up T Progressions
b)       DB Bench Press
2.       Vertical Pushing
a)       Band Resisted Overhead Press
b)      DB Overhead Press Progressions
Now men or even ladies, if you want to get rid of the saggy boobs and get hard and tight pec muscles, add the above exercises to your exercise routine.  These are also not the only exercises you can do to firm up your chest muscles and give you great traps, but they’ll get you started.
So now you have potential cures to the self-esteem epidemics known as bra flab and man boobs.  Give the exercises a try and you’ll immediately feel them beginning to start the change process.  Incorporate the exercises into your weekly routines and before you know it you’ll have created a habit, eliminated a problem and gained increased self confidence.
Yours changing lives,
Mike Alves
p.s.  want a coach, a team and a program to help you get in your best shape this summer and not next?  Click here to try out Newton’s Best Boot Camp for 1-month at a killer price.