Am I alone?

Am I alone?

Does anyone else out there L-O-V-E going to the doctor, visiting the dentist, getting your body fat read, being put through the ringers of an assessment or taking a test, both physical and paper?

O.K. Maybe I don’t “heart” these things as much as the company of a women, or hanging with my friends and family, but I do enjoy them.

Maybe its because I expect the results to be outstanding. I want validation for all of my hard work, smart work, consistency and sacrifices. Maybe I NEED a rude awakening every once in a while, to remind me to get my act (I wanted to say sh*t) together. Don’t you?

Then again, some of my clients HATE assessments and testing. They HATE to have their body fat read, HATE to do photos and HATE to step on the scale. Well, their right in that assessment. I can sense it the second after I suggest it. This automatically means they haven’t lived up to their part of the deal. They haven’t done their homework (yeah mom, I get it. Do your homework, get good grades).

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with a former client who I last trained 4+ years ago (he moved). He gave me many compliments: how his body fat & body weight had dropped to personal bests when we were training together, how he got hooked on road races because we ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge together (he’s since run the Boston Marathon and is planning on running it in ’09) and how he still uses the program I designed for him 4 years ago. Crazy.

Well we did the assessment. His results were as he expected. Poor in most areas, but VERY STRONG in key areas. Specifically his foundation. His ability to move and his ability to stabilize his joints were encouraging. Body fat & body weight were not good, but that’s why he’s coming to me in the first place.

Do you think he enjoyed the experience? Maybe, maybe not, but I think he appreciated visiting a professional and getting put through the ringer. He now KNOWS where he stands. He has goals to beat (push ups, chin ups, dips, isometric holds, 1-mile run, BF & BW) and goals to achieve. Assessments can be very motivating if you let them be.

How do you feel when you visit the doctors office, get a cleaning or go through a physical assessment and exercise testing? Respond below.


Mike Alves