I’m a professional, do not try this at home! (wink)

Here’s a fun one for you. I was racking the ‘ol cabeza, literally, to come up with some new vertical push exercises.

Lets see. We’ve got overhead presses, dips, push press/jerks…what about a Hand Stand Push Up?

Can I even do one?

Watch the videos below and find out.

Here is attempt #1. For the record I did 5 or 6 total, though my bro only caught 2 or 3.

I am aware they were not pretty. My hips “sagged” towards the door. What happened to my trunk stability?

Attempt #2, Tripod Push Up. (wanted to correct the sagging hips, so changed direction)

No chance. I think I maxed out on the first set.

Attempt #3, From a Hand Stand again with back against the door.

Nope! Not happening. Have to try again tomorrow.

To my clients. Yup, you know what’s coming. Hope you don’t mind having blood rush to your head. 🙂

Course, I won’t teach it, if I can’t do it, so your safe. For a little while.


Mike Alves

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