5 Signs Your at A Triathletes Party

Tonight I was invited to a house warming party of a former client & friend who bought a condo with her boyfriend. The moment I walked in, I knew something was different. Read along and you’ll see what I mean.

Sign #1 that your at a triathlete party!

*Everybody was fit. There wasn’t a belly, a double chin or poor posture to be seen. I did a double take. Even at the gym there are out of shape people with guts, but not here. Wives and husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends of the triathletes were in shape too. And they’re skin looked g-r-e-a-t, GREAT! Very healthy group of people.

Sign #2 that your at a triathlete party!

*The food. The cold items were 2 different cucumber salads, 2 different regular salads (Caesar & garden), fruit (grapes), whole grain nachos w/ guacamole & salsa, carrots and a specialty dish with brown rice, chick peas, tomatoes, cilantro & some other good stuff.

The hot items off the grill, were chicken, chicken sausages, turkey burgers and veggie burgers.

For dessert they served watermelon, cookies and brownies. Truth be told, the watermelon went, but the sweets were barely touched. Tell me this food doesn’t sound different from what you’re used to.

To top it all off. You should have seen these athletes put away food. I felt normal to eat as much as I do. They were lean & mean and food shoveling machines.

Sign #3 that your at a triathlete party!

*The alcohol to water inventory and consumption were about even. Usually that’s not the case at a party. Unless there are parents with kids, but c’mon, people usually like to have a cocktail when they’re social. I drank 3 waters, 1 Corona. And this seemed to be the norm. I’ll be honest though, it definitely got loud, so you know people were having a good time.

Sign #4 that your at a triathlete party!

*When the hosts give you a tour of their place and the last stop on the tour is not the upstairs and instead it’s their home made bike shop, with 8 bikes suspended from the ceiling, 3 trainers in one corner, those plastic disc wheels (that look like giant vinyl records-OK I just dated myself) you see on TV in another corner, a display shelf of bike helmets (even those long aerodynamic, funny looking ones) and finally a bike frame holder (a friggin bike frame holder-who has that?) for changing wheels. You know your at a triathletes party.

…And Finally, Sign #5 your at a triathletes party!

*After the initial “hi, so how do you know the hosts” icebreakers, the conversation changes to: “so did you hear I signed up for the Switzerland Ironman next year” or “how many races have you done this summer” or “how far did you run today” (“I ran 9!”) or “did you see my new bike” or “remember that time at the Brazil Ironman, when you only trained for 10 weeks and then came out of the water and was puking all over your bike” (sorry if that grossed you out) or “so when’s the next training weekend” (training weekends are when, these athletes/crazy people go away to some cool place like the cape or Vermont and torture themselves with ridiculously challenging efforts and then celebrate together after).

Yeah, I guess it might be the same if you got a bunch of doctors, lawyers or stock brokers in the same room and all they did was talk shop, except signs #1-4 would have been considerably different and #5 would have been consistent to their common bond.

That’s it. Thanks for reading and keep checking back for my race day nutrition plan and nutritional body typing articles.


Mike Alves