Change Your Body Boot Camps, 2014 Recap Video

This is CYBBC’s 2014 Challenge Workout Recap Video. It is a compilation of workouts performed in class over the year.

CYBBC offers group personal training for health, body transformation and performance. We are not a class you can just show up to, but rather a program built around phases with start dates and end dates. A phase is 4 weeks long, consisting of 3 weeks of face to face coaching, spent learning a program, followed by a 4th week in which you do the program on your own. We track your measurements at the beginning and end of every phase and your physical performance quarterly.

Our members are busy people, of all different shapes, sizes and ages, who want a coach who cares, an effective program to follow and a motivating group of people to train with. They want to be held accountable, have fun, lose weight, tone up, get in shape, learn new things, make friends, not get injured, perform better and become their best self.

We teach do anywhere workouts, using minimal equipment that you bring, in a high intensity strength & conditioning workout, that is thoughtfully planned, safe, periodized, progressive and set to time and provides multiple exercise levels to accommodate the different fitness levels of the participants.

If you’re looking to get in your best shape, change your body and transform your life and you could use the help of a coach, a team and an effective program, please sign up at